Sacatar Hosts Artists of All Ages, Nationalities and Disciplines

Selected through an open call application process, Instituto Sacatar residency Fellows come from a wide range of creative fields, including (but not limited to) dance, visual arts, music, literature, theater, film, photography, sound arts, culinary arts, architecture, design, performance, circus arts, and ecology. Working at different stages of their professional careers and lives, residency Fellows use their time at Sacatar to create new work on their own and in collaboration with Fellow residents and the community. Each residency fellowship cohort group is carefully selected to include a range of nationalities, languages, creative disciplines, and cultural backgrounds in order to foster the greatest sense of intercultural community and exchange during each two-month residency.

Every residency Fellow is notable to Sacatar.  Among the 400+ Sacatar alumni are:

  • Alice Miceli, visual artist (Brazil)
  • Ayesha Attah, author (Ghana)
  • Bernd Lichtenberg, screenwriter (Germany)
  • Bisi Silva, curator (Nigeria)
  • Chen Long-Bin, sculptor (Taiwan)
  • Cheryl Strayed, author (USA)
  • Kristin Capp, photographer (USA / Namibia)
  • Derek Bermel, composer / musician (USA)
  • Doug Hollis, sculptor (USA)
  • Eduardo Kac, multi-media / biological artist (Brazil / USA)
  • Elida Tessler, conceptual artist (Brazil)
  • Ersi Sotiropoulos, author (Greece)
  • Joanna Bator, author (Poland)
  • Laurie Anderson, performance artist / composer / musician / filmmaker (USA)
  • Lisette Lagnado, curator (Brazil)
  • Mithu Sen, visual artist (India)
  • Olek, performance / fiber artist (Poland / USA)
  • Oksana Zabuzhko, author (Ukraine)
  • Pat Oleszko, performance artist (USA)
  • Pinar Yolocan, photographer (Turkey)
  • Sidiki Conde, dancer / musician / activist (Guinea)
  • Stacey Steers, animator / filmmaker (USA)
  • Tendai Huchu, author (Zimbabwe)
  • Yumi Kori, installation artist (Japan)

Residency Fellows, past and present.

Through the tabs on the upper left of this page, you can learn about current Fellows. You can also search for past Fellows by name, year of residency, artistic discipline or country of birth. You can read statements about the life-changing experiences of many of our past Fellows under IMPACT OF RESIDENCY FELLOWSHIPS.