Performance created by Pat Oleszko (USA, 2008) with Adriana Rojas Pretel (Colombia), Andrea Wurzer (Germany), Be Ward (Australia), David Poznanter (USA) and Isis Gledhill (Brazil) on the Island of Itaparica

We interpret ‘creativity’ in the broadest sense.

The Instituto Sacatar sponsors residencies for highly qualified individuals in all creative pursuits. While we sometimes use the word ‘artist,’ we interpret ‘creativity’ in the broadest possible sense. We seek creative individuals of all backgrounds, without regard to race, creed, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability or HIV status.

If you seek a residency only for the peace and quiet, we urge you to apply elsewhere. Even though the estate is tranquil and very conducive to concentrated work, all around us is the intriguing and vigorous culture of Bahia. The success of a residency at Sacatar correlates closely with the willingness of the artist to open up to the spirits of this special place. No previous knowledge of Bahia is required, but we seek applicants who have the flexibility and stamina to dance with the unknown. If you simply need ‘time away,’ we suggest that you apply to one of the hundreds of other residencies available around the world. You can learn more about such opportunities at these sites:

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