The twin sisters Hsiao-Ting Hsieh and Hsiao-Wei Hsieh (Dance / Taiwan / 2022) at their Sacatar dance studio. In partnership with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Photo by Marcelo Thomaz

Sacatar Residency Fellowships

provide unstructured time and space to create new, challenging work as part of a community of creative individuals in Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil. Selected through a competitive Open Call – unrestricted by age, discipline or nationality – or through institutional partnerships, twenty to thirty creative individuals are offered eight-week residencies each year.

Sacatar Education & Community Engagement Programs

provide current and past residency Fellows opportunities to share their work locally and internationally. Through strategic introductions made throughout each residency session, Sacatar assists resident Fellows in making meaningful connections and to engage in intercultural collaborations with a diversity of local constituencies, as appropriate to each artist’s discipline and particular interests. More than 500 Sacatar Education and Community Engagement programs have taken place in Brazil and abroad since 2001.

Sacatar SOLO

is a curated residency Fellowship offered by invitation to highly accomplished creative individuals that allows each to experience Sacatar as a site of creative inspiration, refuge, and reflection.

Collection Sacatar

serves to document and preserve works created and willingly donated by Fellows at the completion of their Sacatar residencies. Composed of more than 400 individual pieces — stored primarily in Paris, France — works included in Collection Sacatar are loaned to other institutions for exhibition and educational purposes.