“I’ve seen a lot of residencies and arts organizations but one reason Sacatar stands out is that the philosophy of the mission is so well reflected in the practice.” 
Philip Boehm (USA), 2016


“Here I am back in Brasilia, after an easy trip, with my head still in Sacatar. Arriving home I spent a long moment recalling the days I was in Itaparica and I was overwhelmed by a great feeling of gratitude. It was light and very beautiful. Gratitude for having lived and received so many things in these days of Bahia. These things I can not name because they live outside words. And I did not know that even “receiving” is something that is learned, and to receive it also takes courage. Bahia taught me to receive. It taught me to look in silence. It taught me to wait. It taught me that it is possible to live mysteries without naming or defining them. Bahia taught me that the force is in the culture, it is in the people, it is in the nature. Yesterday, before bed, I felt that something had changed in me. In the words of the character and warrior Maria da Fé, from the novel by João Ubaldo: “Go, live and learn.” I lived and learned in Bahia, I lived and learned Bahia.”
Virgilio Neto, Brasil, 2016 in partnership with FUNARTE


“Bahia itself energised and added other dimensions to my work that I couldn’t have even dreamt of. The Instituto Sacatar itself was a dream in every single aspect, it is amazing to think that in this upside down world we live in, perfect pockets of space and support and creation like Sacatar exist.” 
Nana Ayim, Ghana 2016 (in partnership with Africa Centre)


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